Why this website?

San Diego Convention Center (Image: Bernard Gagnon, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

In July this year (2022), the Christians in GIS had their annual in-person meeting at a large GIS conference in San Diego; the Esri User Conference. Like previous years the meeting was announced via social media channels and mailing list, but unlike other years it was also coincidentally announced on the conference’s schedule. That coincidence resulted in a very large group of people (70+) from all over the world, curious to meet their fellow believers working in or with GIS.

Being surprised by this unexpected large interest, some longstanding members met for dinner and discussed in which way the sense of community could be stimulated. This led to a facilitating committee that has gathered online over the past half year.

This website is one of the results of these gatherings. We hope to provide a persistent online presence, which is informative about the aims of the group, and which can be used to build a community. Our plans are to host webinars (see the events calendar), provide blogs, share resources, and keep in-person meetings going. Our aim and hope are that this website, and these activities might contribute to the connecting of and sharing between Christ-followers across the globe.